POS Card Surcharge Regulations Have Changed

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The food industry has been known as a cash run industry since the beginning of time. However, that's starting to change. Most consumers carry little cash these days, so they are more likely to pay you with a card. Some restaurants and cafes apply additional fees for public holidays. Some also apply a surcharge for customers [...]

What Is A Restaurant Chart Of Accounts?

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A COA (Chart Of Accounts) is simply a list of accounts that are used to record all the transactions of your food business. When money (numbers) are moved around your business, they are recorded in the Chart Of Accounts. It’s a list of all account titles and account numbers arranged according to the classifications in the [...]

Grow Profitably, Grow Personally

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Working in a restaurant or cafe takes on a new dimension when you own one. Your time and focus quickly shift from creativity to practicality and profit. The responsibility and learning can be exciting and daunting at the same time. According to Silver Chef (Australia’s largest hospitality equipment funding suppliers) CEO Damien Guivarra, there are [...]

Make Revenue A Team Sport

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So you’re passionate about food - I get it! Somewhere in your wonderful journey of food and coffee, you turned your passion into a business - a restaurant, cafe or franchise. What a great opportunity - to pursue your passion of food and be your own boss. Somewhere between getting a restaurant design, buying commercial [...]

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