About RestaurantBookkeepers Australia

Mise en place – everything in its place. No Fuss! We heard that restaurant and cafe owners were looking for:

Simple bookkeeping solutions and ideas

Easy business conversations – no accounting jargon

Ideas to help you grow your business

Proactive bookkeepers who understand and specialise in the food industry

A relationship based on trust and value

Restaurant Bookkeepers Australia evolved from over 20 years of working
with, and listening to, restaurant and cafe owners

Founder Christine Green knows food businesses. She is a co-founder of other multiple and successful brands that specialise in the food industry. Christine has been exploring and connecting with facets of the food industry (back and front of house) across the globe.

Christine knows from experience what it takes to grow a business from ‘start up’ and keep it alive.

After many years of experience with accountants and bookkeepers interacting in their businesses, she learnt what processes worked and what didn’t.

Christine is now passionate about how numbers drive business success along with the pillars of strategy, people, execution, cash, sales and marketing.

The Restaurant Bookkeepers team are proactively inducted into an understanding of what drives a food business every day: determination, passion, endless energy, sweat, joy, and above all a love of food.

To ensure you are working with trusted professionals who can deliver the best value and ideas, key members of our team hold relevant qualifications, memberships and certfications such as;
BAS Agent Registration, The Tax Practitioner’s Board, The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, The Australian Bookkeepers Network / Association, Xero Certified, QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, Hubdoc Certified and ongoing professional development training.

With guidance from caring bookkeepers, a business owner can put together the puzzle of a successful business.

Restaurant Bookkeeper’s Values

We value a ‘victor’ mindset – people who demonstrate ownership, accountability and responsibility.

We avoid a ‘victim’ mindset – blame, excuses and denial. Our list of key values are:


Demonstrate excellence in yourself and your work. If you're not proud of it, it's not good enough. Be the best you can be, and you'll get where you need to go.


Time matters. Always be on time for commitments and deliver your work on time.

Trust & Respect

Earn and give trust and respect to yourself and other. Use respectful language and ideas to build lifetime relationships and trust. Deliver on your promises.


Be the master of your own learning journey and take accountability for it. Seek Solutions and ideas at very opportunity - there's always a way.


Your life journey is a gift. You control the joy within it, so own it. Be abundant and nurturing to yourself and others. Care for your co-workers, community and the environment.

Our Logo Story

Our branding is simple – because that’s how we like to keep things.
The logo is an abstract merging of two icons of the bookkeeping and food industries.


The book diary and ribbon are symbolic of bookkeepers who are committed to getting the job done by the due date and balancing your ‘books’ in real time. A book represents accuracy, compliance and knowledge.


The menu is represented in two ways. The first is an A4 portrait rectangle menu that is common in most restaurants and cafes – either in booklet form or a single page. A nod to the foodies and hospitality industry.

The second is 3 lines grouped, which is the internationally recognised symbol for ‘menu’ in the online and digital world. Restaurant Bookkeepers take advantage of the latest cloud and digital systems to ensure your business success is at your fingertips – anywhere, anytime.


Green is a colour that represents wealth, freshness, life, harmony, growth, nature newness. These are all valued by Restaurant Bookkeepers. Black is the accounting colour of profitable bank balances. Everyone loves their bank account to be in the ‘black’ and not in the ‘red’. The ribbon is also a symbol of marking a place in time. Ribbons are also a symbol of quality and achievement.

We get the job done,
on time and online!