Working in a restaurant or cafe takes on a new dimension when you own one. Your time and focus quickly shift from creativity to practicality and profit. The responsibility and learning can be exciting and daunting at the same time.

According to Silver Chef (Australia’s largest hospitality equipment funding suppliers) CEO Damien Guivarra, there are 4 types of food business owner;

  1. Empire Builders – a chain of restaurants and more in the planning.
  2. Legacy Builders – a family business that nurtures the next generation.
  3. Lifestyle Seekers – a great place to bring friends and hang out over great coffee.
  4. Passionate Creators – a powerhouse of food ideas and passion that explodes onto every plate.

No style of business owner is the correct one. Each can enjoy their vision and journey. The common thing they all need is the skills and knowledge to run a profitable business.

For example:

  • A Passionate Creator serving award winning gourmet fare, may be hit with a Fair Work claim by a waitress and have no idea how to resolve it.
  • An Empire Builder will excel at execution and drive, but lack knowledge in finance and cash flow.
  • A Lifestyle Seeker will enjoy living the dream, unaware that slack policies and security have exposed him to employee fraud.
  • A Legacy Builder will support his family and raise them well, but fail to systemise the business for handover during his exit retirement strategy.

The hospitality industry has one of the highest entry and exit rates of any industry. Finally there’s a valuable and affordable learning hub that’s focused on helping food businesses to reduce the exit rate and teach you how to grow and run profitability.

By supporting and teaching business owners how to run a successful business, Profitable Hospitality (developed and backed by Silver Chef) has hundreds of Podcasts, videos and downloads jam packed full of in-depth ideas, legislation, references and expert advice to get you on track.

Available to everyone, the platform has been designed to be referenced in small chunks as you need it. Or you can take yourself on a more structured learning journey.

How your food tastes is up to you, how your food sells and transforms your business can be learnt from Profitable Hospitality and expert number guidance from a proactive bookkeeper.

Call us now 1300 043 327 or email for a special access code for 1 month free membership to trial the Profitable Hospitality learning hub