Can I get JobMaker for my business?

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JOBMAKER is replacing JOBKEEPER As JobKeeper winds down, the new program of JobMaker Hiring Credit scheme is ramping up.  It’s for a long date range of 2 years: October 2020 to October 2022. It’s not as generous as JobKeeper, but it will assist businesses with some cash relief as a reward for hiring more employees. You [...]

Business tips & Industry Changes – coronavirus (COVID-19)

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We've all been impacted by the global economical fallout of coronavirus.  I can't promise your business will survive but this moment in time will pass eventually. The trick is to hang on if you can. The business landscape will definitely be different over the next year or so. While we can't predict the future, we can [...]

How to Calculate Public Holiday Wages for Restaurants & Cafes

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We will show you how to find the correct award for restaurant, cafe, hospitality employees and calculate wages when public holidays occur. Calculating hospitality wages can be confusing at the best of times. Even more so when a public holiday arises. It seems that they never add up. Understanding the awards can be confusing. We all [...]

Can I deduct money from employees’ wages?

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Sometimes employees owe employers money at the end of their employment. (That was a tricky sentence!) This occurs for various reasons. For example: repayment for buying products, cash loan, till shortages, rent or benefits with a payment plan, over-claimed holiday or personal leave, overpaid wages, errors etc. When the employee finishes work, you want your money [...]

Fair Work Information Statement [Updated: January 2020]

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Did you know that every new employee in Australia must be given a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement 2019 (FWIS)? Regardless of their role or employment type, it must be given to the employee before, or as soon as possible after they start their new job. Failure to provide the FWIS to employees is [...]

Hospitality Award changes

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What are Modern Awards and why do reviews matter? Modern Awards are in place to ensure employers and employees are following the legal requirements and conditions of employment, including employee entitlements. The Modern Awards came into effect in January 2010 and cover over 100 industries across Australia. One of the Modern Awards is the Hospitality Industry [...]

Are payslips compulsory?

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Are payslips a legal requirement? Yes, payslips are mandatory under Fair Work. All employees must be issued with a payslip at every pay event, regardless of how much time has been worked. It is compulsory for business owners to issue payslips within 1 working day of paying employees.  Fair Work inspectors can give employers a fine, [...]

How to Set Up Single Touch Payroll

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What is STP (Single Touch Payroll)? Set up Single Touch Payroll now! From 1 July 2019 all businesses will need to be electronically connected to the ATO to report employee payroll. You can't avoid getting on board because this is law.  It is a government initiative aimed at streamlining business reporting to the ATO. Therefore, your [...]

NEW Fair Work Ruling: Casual Workers to Permanent

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Casual workers who have worked regular hours for at least 12 months may now ask their employer for permanent positions, according to a new ruling by the Fair Work Commission. The new rules, which were implemented in October, are expected to improve the welfare of casual staff, providing them with opportunities for permanent employment. The food [...]

Family & Domestic Violence Leave: FAQ For Food Business Owners

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A recent Fair Work Commission decision entitles most employees to 5 days of unpaid leave to address issues with family and domestic violence. All industry and occupation awards now include a new clause about family and domestic violence leave, which takes effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 August 2018. What is [...]

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