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Bench-marking Your Restaurant, Cafe or Take-Away

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Hospitality management is more than cooking and hiring staff. You need to know the bench-marking numbers for your industry.  This will guide you to know if your business is on the money.  Don't rest on benchmarks.  Aim to have your food business performing better than benchmarks. According to Silver Chef's 2016 HISI Report the following benchmarks [...]

What Is A Restaurant Chart Of Accounts?

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A COA (Chart Of Accounts) is simply a list of accounts that are used to record all the transactions of your food business. When money (numbers) are moved around your business, they are recorded in the Chart Of Accounts. It’s a list of all account titles and account numbers arranged according to the classifications in the [...]

What Do A Beer Tray And Balance Sheet Have In Common?

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It’s obvious - they both need to balance. You worry about balancing the beers while Restaurant Bookkeepers keeps your Balance Sheet in balance. Every financial transaction in your business has a debit and credit. This means that if you take $10 out of one account, it, must be recorded to have a corresponding entry on [...]

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