Opening Your Restaurant For Christmas Day?

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If you're considering opening for Christmas Day, you may have to convince your customers that your restaurant will be a much better option than lunch or dinner at home. Christine Green (Director of Restaurant Bookkeepers Australia), during an interview with National radio program Talking Lifestyle, identified the top reasons why folks would have a better Christmas [...]

How Can I Be A Cafe Entrepreneur?

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Cafes are a typical small business model. Cash is lean, passion is rich, vision is large, ideas are flowing. To keep cash flow in check and save money, the business owner becomes an ‘expert’ at everything... very quickly becoming the head chef, waiter, bookkeeper, food and equipment buyer, human resources and I.T. Sound familiar? However, [...]

Make Revenue A Team Sport

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So you’re passionate about food - I get it! Somewhere in your wonderful journey of food and coffee, you turned your passion into a business - a restaurant, cafe or franchise. What a great opportunity - to pursue your passion of food and be your own boss. Somewhere between getting a restaurant design, buying commercial [...]

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