If you’re considering opening for Christmas Day, you may have to convince your customers that your restaurant will be a much better option than lunch or dinner at home.

Christine Green (Director of Restaurant Bookkeepers Australia), during an interview with National radio program Talking Lifestyle, identified the top reasons why folks would have a better Christmas by booking the restaurant experience.

While the interview is tongue-in-cheek and fun, it raises excellent points that you can use to market your restaurant for Christmas day.

Tips for Opening Your Restaurant on Christmas Day

Costs of opening on public holidays are usually excessive so it’s imperative that you master your menu and staffing and minimise wastage.  However, Christmas day is a special day and diners are looking to be spoiled for choice and service.

Take the opportunity to utilise labour (cost) to prep as much as you can in advance on a non-public holiday to keep the labour costs lower.  This will require less labour for food regeneration and serving on the public holiday.

Maximise every seat in the restaurant so you are booked to capacity. Push a local social media marketing campaign to scoop as many local bookings as possible. Be aggressive in your marketing campaign!  Full house is your goal.

If you’ve managed to book out the restaurant in advance, contact your food suppliers and push for a bulk discount.

Christmas in a restaurant has many wonderful advantages for families – also make it profitable for you.

Mise en place and Merry Christmas.

Christine and the RBA team.
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