When you are out and about, it can be tricky to not lose receipts. Solution: simply snap a photo of the receipt and upload to Hubdoc.
There are a number of great receipt scanning apps on the market. I have clients using Receipt Bank or Hubdoc depending on their needs. But I’m going to talk about Hubdoc in this instance.

Hubdoc is a cloud file management and storage portal. It extracts bank statements and bills, reads receipts and connects to accounting software. It does some really cool things to speed up the process of financial data management and the work of accountants and bookkeepers. Documents are scanned to Hubdoc where they are processed efficiently. It also provides an awesome audit trail that has everything at your fingertips. It’s your neat and tidy filing cabinet in the cloud.

If your bookkeeper has suggested Hubdoc, you will have started a Hubdoc account with log in and passwords. There are a number of ways to get documents into Hubdoc:

  • Scan and upload to the Hubdoc website via your PC.
  • Drag and drop to the Hubdoc website via your PC.
  • Scan and email to Hubdoc’s special in-box that’s unique for you.
  • Snap an image on your phone and upload via the Hubdoc app.

Here I’ll explain how easy the phone app is to use.

  1. Open a Hubdoc account.
  2. Go to your phone app store and download the Hubdoc app.
  3. Log into the app.
  4. Click the Camera button
  5. Take a clear photo of the receipt. Remember to include the purchase and payment information. Carefully line up the receipt to capture all the data. We recommend you use a flash to create a
  6. higher resolution image.
  7. If necessary, add a note in the file name section to notify your bookkeeper.

Watch our 3 minute video (CLICK HERE) to see how easy it is to file receipts on your phone and add comments to the receipt.

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