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Chris Green and the Restaurant Bookkeepers team are proud and well-known contributors to the Australian hospitality scene. With an abundance of industry knowledge and delicious insights, they provide valuable and trusted input for a variety of media sources.


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Chris Green
Chris GreenFounder & Director, Restaurant Bookkeepers; Founder & Director, Numbers Australia; Co-Founder, Food Strategy Australia New Zealand, Southern Cross Food Equipment, Coldroom Shelving Australia & Retail Strategy.
Chris Green is a founder and co-founder of multiple and successful brands that specialise in the food industry. After spending over 23 years exploring, connecting with, and listening to the global hospitality sector, Chris founded Restaurant Bookkeepers.

Chris is now passionate about how numbers drive business success along with the pillars of strategy, people, execution, cash, sales and marketing. She knows from experience what it takes to grow a business from ‘start up’ and keep it alive. She dedicates her time to understanding the ever-evolving food industry inside-out so she can deliver the very best to her clients, the wider hospitality industry and the community.

“Restaurant and cafe owners face a unique operating environment with many moving business parts and shifting expectations and compliance. They deserve to have someone supporting them and cheering their successes”