Book a Consultation

Rapid-Fire Consultation

A quick Q&A session to keep your business firing.

  • The rapid-fire consultation includes a 15-minute meeting via Zoom or face-to-face (depending on location). Share your Xero file with us or screen share on Zoom, and don’t forget to have your list of questions ready to go. For even better results, send us your questions in advance so we can give you info tailored to your unique situation!

Rescue Consultation

A thorough deep-dive into your Xero file.

  • The rescue consultation includes a review and report (PDF format) on the current status of your Xero file, including our analysis, recommendations and tips for your unique file. This is followed by a 30-minute Zoom consultation where we walk you through our findings, including screen sharing and answering your questions.

    Please note: this consultation does not include actioning or undertaking any of the recommendations.